Welcome to CSA Computers

We have been selling and servicing computers, electronincs and accessories since 1991.  Originally established in the metropolitan Washington DC area, we re-located to Pennsylvania in 1998.  Our online store is located here and is accessible via the link above.  There you will be able to find a wide selection of computers, peripherals, accessories and electronics.  For service or upgrades please contact us here, at the links above, or at the phone number listed below.  Appointments are required for all service related issues.

How can we help you?

Is your computer not powering on, is it making noises, or is is just running extra slow these days?  If the answer is yes to any of these, give us a call and we can get you back on track.

Upgrades and Sales
Have you been considering an upgrade?  Let us help you get your computer up to date and ready for your next project.  Whether you are looking to increase your ram, hard drive, CPU speed, or video capabilities, we have you covered.

Virus Removal & Data Recovery
It seems that no one is safe from virus and spyware attacks these days.  We can get your computer back in action by removing all virus and spyware while retaining your important data.  Even if your computer is not powering on, we can help recover most of your important information.

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